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Three new Valiant comics are out this week, including the debut of Livewire's first ongoing series! Let's dive in and discuss.

Spoiler alert!

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Shadowman #10 is out today! Let's dive in and discuss.

Spoiler alert!

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This is it! The final issue of Ninja-K is out on stands now, and we are here to talk all about it. Tune in!

Spoiler alert! We are going to talk all about this one.

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X-O Manowar and Faith: Dreamside are out today, so we are here to talk about them.

Spoiler alert!

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We review this week's new Valiant Comics in this week's episode of VCR.

Spoiler alert! We are going to talk all about these books.

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Bloodshot: Rising Spirit begins, and Ninja-K continues on. Two cool Valiant books are out this week, and the VCR crew is here to talk about them.

Spoiler alert: We are going to talk all about these books.

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Two books to discuss out from Valiant this Halloween. We dig into these two books!

Spoiler alert!

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Two new books are out today form the Valiant, let's dive in and take a look.

Spoiler alert!

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Quantum and Woody 11 discussed!

Spoiler alert.

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Ninja-K #12 is out, and we are here to talk about it.


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Faith in the Dreamside starts, Harbinger Wars II comes to an end, and X-O Manowar keeps on going. We discuss it all in this episode.

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Three books! It's a three book week. We dig into each of these new books and take a look at the reveals, easter eggs, and developments we see in these issues.

Spoiler alert! Make sure you read the books before you listen.

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We've seen Maxim Boniface recently in Shadowman, but what about the original Shadowman, Maxim St James, from the classic Valiant era? We dig into the who and what of this classic character.

Specifically, we talk about Shadowman #0 (1994), Shadowman Yearbook #1 (1994), and touch on a few of the later issues of Shadowman from 1995.

This leads us to a discussion about reading older comics in general. How do we read older comics differently? Do we have specific lenses and filters for this type of read? Also, how much does the historical perspective of the time influence the way we read stuff now? How are the storytelling methods in 90s comics different from today's comics, and how does that effect our reading?

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Ninja-K meets the Fist and the Steel. How does he come out?

Spoiler alert!

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Harbinger Wars II wraps up, and Aric relives his past in this week's new Valiant Comics. As usual, VCR is here to discuss them.

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It's a three-book week! We have a lot to talk about with this week's new Valiant Comics, so let's get to it!

Spoiler alert! You have been warned.

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Ninja-K versus Ninja-H! An old agent is on the loose, and it is up to Ninjak to stop him. We review this one-and-done issue out today from Valiant Comics.

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We examine the new Shadowman series in depth! Issues 1 through 5 are out as of this recording, so we take a good look at those. Plus, Exiles, Ultraverse, San Diego Comic-Con, Valiant Futures, and Kombucha brewing!

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We discuss Valiant High.

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Things get strange in Harbinger Wars II, Aric makes a friend in X-O Manowar, and the Detectioner is back at work in Britannia. Let's dive in and discuss them!

Spoiler alert!

We've read the books, we assume you have too.

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Three new Valiant books are out this week, and the VCR crew is here to talk about them!

Spoiler alert!

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Time to discuss Bloodshot Salvation #11! Tune in to hear our thoughts.

Spoiler alert!

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We have a lot to discuss this week, with three hefty books out this week from Valiant Comics. In this episode:

Harbinger Wars II #2

X-O Manowar #16

Quantum and Woody #7

Spoiler alert!

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Let's dig into this week's new Valiant Comics! 

VCR discusses them both. Ninja-K #8 and Shadowman #4

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The Book of Revelations begins in Bloodshot Salvation! We discuss this week's new Valiant Comic.

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VCR discusses the new Valiant Comics out today, Harbinger Wars #2 and Quantum And Woody #6. Tune in and hear our thoughts.

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We discuss Shadowman #3 and X-O Manowar #15, out today from Valiant Comics.

Spoiler alert!

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We review this week's new Valiant Comic Books, Bloodshot Salvation #9 and Ninja-K #7.

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We discuss Harbinger Wars 2: Prelude in this episode. This issue starts things off the event with some excitement, and we discuss the events and possible repercussions of this issue.

The Government is bad, but Livewire is badder. Are things black and white, cut and dry, or are there some gray areas to the actions of our hero?

Also, we discuss some of the landscape of the Valiant Universe, and how that is setting the stage for the events that are coming up.

Sit back and enjoy, this issue starts things with a bang!

Also, spoiler alert.

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The gang reviews this week's new Valiant Comics: X-O Manowar and Shadowman.

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We discuss today's new Valiant Comics in today's episode.

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This week, the VCR crew takes on the continuing adventures of Bloodshot in the Deadside, and Ninja-K versus a formidable foe.

Spoiler alert! We're going to talk all about these books. 

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DMG has purchased full ownership of Valiant, and the leadership that forged the Valiant Universe for the last six years has been forced out, or has left the company. We haven't yet fully seen the new shape of Valiant, and it is not clear that things will stay up, or if we may see another downturn.

The original OTV duo, Sean and Chiclo, get together to discuss the changes happening at Valiant as a result of this purchase by DMG, what the changes may mean, what we might expect as a result, and what we will be paying attention to as this story develops.

As we meander, we discuss some of the great hits of the last few years, and some of the Classic Valiant comics of yesteryear, and what we saw as the Classic Valiant comics declined due to the purchase by Acclaim.

How hard do we think it will be for Valiant to keep the publishing line going like it has? What is the best case scenario? What is the worst case scenario?

Plus, we are giving away a copy of Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe card game, courtesy of Overworld Games. Tune in for contest details!

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The Gorin epic comes to a close, and the new Shadowman epic starts off with a bang. Loas and Lightning swords! Plenty to discuss in this week's episode of Valiant Comics Review, where we talk about the new Valiant books as soon as they are on stands.

First up, the Gorin epic comes to a close in X-O Manowar #13, and the planet seems to get a happy ending. What did we think of this wrap up, and what kind of light does it cast the entire run so far in? Also, we get the big reveal of what sent Aric away from Earth in the first place, and why he had such animosity with the armor.

Second, we discuss Shadowman #1, the return of Jack Boniface to the Shadowman mantle! We take a look at the things from past continuity that this story follows up on, and weigh in on some of the things that aren't as well represented. Plus, we get some hints at some of what may be coming, and Alyssa is cool.

Spoiler alert! We're going to talk all about these books, read them before listening!

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Quantum and Woody #4, Ninja-K #5

Evil plots are revealed, vengeful plots are resolved. There's a bit to talk about in this week's new Valiant Comics, so let's get to it!

First up, we discuss Quantum and Woody #4, in which our heroes end up in Sydney, and find out just what the heck has been behind all of the recent events in their life. The brothers remain the brothers, and that seems to be the source of their problems.

Second, we talk about Ninja-K #5, in which Ninjak and his new team-up partner take on the bureau that has been plaguing their lives. Who betrays who? And is all what it seems? We discuss the possibilities.

Spoiler alert!

We are going to talk about all aspects of the plot, so read first if you don't want to be spoiled.

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In this week's Valiant Comics, we get a spotlight on Owen from Secret Weapons, and Ninjak continues to take on everybody.

First up, in Ninjak Vs The Valiant Universe #3, we've got magic bullets and unexpected trips and a whole lot more. What do we make of this continuing fight, and the unexpected turns?

Second, in Owen's Story, we get a look back at Owen and unpack this dense tale. Or is it just a garage sale? After all, we all have to pay rent.

Spoiler alert! We are going to talk all about this issue.

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Bloodshot has fallen into darkness. Can he find his way out? We discuss his odds. Bloodshot Salvation #7 discussed in this episode.

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Emperor Aric is just hanging out, until he gets pushed to his limits. Let’s discuss the latest happenings in the story of our favorite Visigoth.

As you may have guessed, we are discussing X-O Manowar #12, in which we see Aric doing his thing, some other people doing their thing, some spice, and things coming to a climax.

Spoiler alert! We are going to talk all about this book, so jump in only after you have read the book.

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Quantum and Woody unlock the mystery of the Goat, and Ninjak keeps fighting everyone in this weeks new Valiant Comics. Let's discuss!

Spoiler alert! We are going to talk all about these books. Read them.

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It's Wednesday, and that means a new VCR! We dive into the ongoing battles of Bloodshot, and keep up with Colin King in this week's Valiant Comics.

Spoiler alert! We are going to talk all about these books.

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Armstrong throws the party of the year, and we are all invited. The Vault opens, and we take a look at the party that follows. Plus: we take some time to talk about the transfer of ownership of VEI to 100% DMG control and what this might mean.

Spoiler alert: We are going to talk all about this book. Read it first please!

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Join us this week as we look in on the state of affairs with the brothers extraordinaire in Quantum & Woody #2, and then follow the path of a bullet through time & space into the unknown as Eternity #4 wraps up that series.

Spoiler alert! We have read these books, and we discuss them assuming you have too. If you don't want to be spoiled by our conversation, read the books before listening.

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VCR turns 150!! Join us for this special celebratory issue, where in addition to talking about XO Manowar #11 & Ninja-K #3, we are having a bonus chat about the special mail-away-only Harbinger Wars Zero issue!

Spoiler alert! We have read these books, and we discuss them assuming you have too. If you don't to be spoiled by our conversation, read the books before listening.

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Ninjak Vs. debuts today (at least in comic book form). This stand alone story dives right into the story we have seen in the promos. Also, Bloodshot Salvation continues the stories of Bloodshot, Magic, Jesse, and Rampage.

Spoiler alert! We have read these books, so should you.

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Nikki's Story is featured in this issue, from her days before the Harbinger foundation, to her activation, her time at the Willows, right up to Secret Weapons #1. VCR discusses it all in this episode.

Every week, OTV presents VCR, a quick look at this week's new Valiant Comics. This week, we look at Secret Weapons #0.

Spoiler alert! We are gonna be all over this book.

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