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We dig deep into the first issue of Valiant's most recent ongoing series, Eternal Warrior! We've been waiting for this character to get his own title for a while, so we take a good long look at this first issue. In addition, Recent Reads, and of course a digression, this time into the origins of heavy metal.

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We take a look at the zero issue of Bloodshot, and try to dissect what exactly is going on, and exactly how many incarnations of Bloodshot have sported rocking Afros.

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It's time to take a glimpse of the future and discuss Archer & Armstrong #12. This issue has pretty has pretty much everything you could want from a comic, and we discuss is all. In addition to a thorough look at Archer & Armstrong #12, we have Recent Reads, and of course, a couple quick digressions into classic thrash metal and the digital comic reading experience.

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