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Up this week, is the final issue of Quantum and Woody Must Die! We discuss this issue and this series. Also, we discuss the recent 5 film movie announcement from Valiant.


2:19 - Quantum and Woody Must Die! #4

20:30 - Movie news discussion

Set your VCRs and tune in now!

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Fred Van Lente joins us to continue our discussion of his entire run on Archer & Armstrong. We start out discussing the "lost arc" of Archer & Armstrong that was going to come after "Far, Faraway", and was replaced with "Sect Civil War". We also discuss "Mission: Improbable", and "American Wasteland", and round out the conversation by digging a bit into Fred's current run on Ivar, Timewalker.

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We're back for another weekly dose of Valiant Comics discussion! We review and discuss this week's new Valiant Comics.


2:02 - Ninjak #2

19:48 - Ivar, Timewalker #4

38:47 - Divinity #3

We discuss these books with full spoilers, so read the books first if you don't want to be spoiled!

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Fred Van Lente joins us to talk about his entire run on Archer & Armstrong. We kick this off strong with discussion of The Michaelangelo Code, Wrath of the Eternal Warrior, and Far, Faraway. Together, we dig into the origins of the characters, ideas, conspiracies, settings, and humor of this tentpole Valiant Comics title.

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This week we've got two great books to discuss! Bloodshot Reborn is next-level storytelling, we can't say enough about this book. Also, Unity gives us a look into the life of Livewire. Timecodes:

1:42 - Bloodshot Reborn

29:15 - Unity

1:04:45 - Wrap Up

We had a ton to say about these books, and as a result, this episode went a little longer than usual for VCR. Enjoy!


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An annual tradition! We got together with the good folks from Valiant Comics for an after hours discussion of all sorts of great topics: Valiant Movies! Villains! Imperium! Divinity! Marriage! Plus, a whole lot more.

Note: This episode was given an explicit tag, there is small amount of grown up langauge that came out while the drinks were flowing around the table.

Recorded at Wondercon, April 3rd, 2015.

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We discuss the new books out from Valiant Comics today, April 8, 2015. We've got two books that are traditionally favorites of the show, Rai #8 and Imperium #3.


2:10 - Rai #8

25:44 - Imperium #3

52:55 - Wrap Up and Next Week Preview

As always, thank you for listening.

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[Note: this episode has an important announcement about Chiclo's departure from VCR on April 1, 2015]

It's time for the OTV crew to tackle The Valiant. We discuss the whole mini-series, what we thought of it, and what we thought of where it leaves the Valiant Universe.

Two of our favorite characters had big changes in this mini-series, so we talk about where this leaves Bloodshot and Eternal Warrior, and what we anticipate, and what we don't.

Overall, what did this story mean for the Valiant Universe? What about the art, and he way that the story was told? We spend our hour digging into these questions and more.

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We review and discuss X-O Manowar #35, out today from Valiant Comics. This book is part 2 of Dead Hand, and continues the story in the grand way we would expect from this great book.

Also, Calgary Chris was at Emerald City Comic Con last weekend, and he gives us a quick recap of the convention, which was Valiant's biggest, baddest convention so far!

In this episode, things get a little raw, moreso than the typical VCR episode, so it is with some hesitancy that we release this one.

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