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It’s new comic book day and that means a fresh VCR! This week we cap off the major Valiant summer event Book of Death and it’s companion series Legends of the Geomancer! Your head will split in two when you hear our crazy theories!
SPOILER WARNING- We have read the books and hope you do too, read then listen because we hold nothing back!


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The Corrupted One shall inherit the earth. Unless Gilad has anything to say about it. Things are moving on to the Ultimate Conclusion of Book Of Death. Also, Harada fights some space vampires and we see Anni's brain.

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We review the new Valiant Comics out on stands today. We see the last moments of X-O, a whole lot of dinosaurs in Ivar, and a whole lot of moving around in Rai. It's a lot of good, and different stuff to discuss this week.

Fall Of X-O Manowar - 01:40
Ivar, Timewalker #10 - 25:06
Rai #11 - 33:44


Spoiler alert! We have discussed these books assuming you have read these books too, so read the books first if you don't want to be spoiled.

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We discuss how Ninjak is taking the character to new heights, and fleshing out his character and his surrounding mythos in ways we have never seen before. We catch up with this title and talk about how we have been enjoying it so far.

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X-O Manowar kicks everything into high gear, Unity throws the team against some old villains (or are they?), and Ninjak sits around and listens to some dude talk for a long time. What a great week! VCR is here to discuss all of the new Valiant books released today.

01:30 - Unity 23
14:54 - Ninjak 8
29:05 - X-O Manowar 41


Spoilers! We discuss these books assuming that you have read them too. If you don't want to be spoiled by our discussion, read the books before listening.

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Two interesting books came out this week, and we dive into the deep end of what we liked, and what we didn't like, about each of them. Harada continues to take on the world in Imperium, and Bloodshot continues to take on himself in Bloodshot Reborn.

Spoiler alert! We discuss these books in full, and do not shy away from revealing and discussing any plot points. If you don't want to be spoiled by our discussion, read the books before listening.

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Dead Drop is a strange story, and we aren't exactly sure what to make of it. We take a deep look into what makes this story tick, and what doesn't make it tick. Also, we discuss an announcement about the future of OTV!

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