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The Book Of Death has been opened to the first chapter, the OTV crew discusses the first month of books in this event. Book Of Death, Fall Of Bloodshot, and Legends Of The Geomancer are discussed in this episode.

We find a lot to love, and to discuss, in this first month of this summer event. Tune in and listen now!

Also, two hundred episodes. Yay us!

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It's a mixed bag today as we get a big dose of Cujedo, and a double dose of Ninjak, taking us through the past, present and future. We have a whole lot to discuss in this these issues!

1:30 - Dead Drop #4

14:53 - Book Of Death: Fall Of Ninjak

32:13 - Ninjak #6

Our discussion contains spoilers, so make sure you read the books before you listen!

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It's a big week with four new Valiant Comics. We manage to get through them all, this is a jam packed hour of Valiant Comics discussion!

2:31 - Ivar, Timewalker #8

15:34 - Rai #9

30:06 - Book Of Death #2

47:13 - Legends Of The Geomancer #2

Our discussion contains spoilers, so read the book sbefore you listen!

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We review Unity #21 and X-O Manowar #39 in this week's VCR. The Warmonger continues her plans, and Aric gets in the middle of an explosive situation. It's another spoiler filled week of Valiant Comics discussion.

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We take a look at the mental and temporal conflict in Imperium, and take a journey through the Squirtverse in Bloodshot Reborn. It's another great round of Valiant Comics discussion.

0:57 - Imperuim #7

19:39 - Bloodshot Reborn #5

Warning! Our discussion contains spoilers, so if you have not read today's books, read them before listening if you don't want to be spoiled.

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