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It's time to settle this once and for all. Who is the most powerful in the Valiant Universe? We discuss all of your favorite characters, and finally cast our votes to determine who has the most power.

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From Wondercon, The OTV crew and the Valiant crew sit down together after hours to discuss everything that Valiant has in the works, Rai, Armor Hunters, Harbinger, Doctor Mirage, and more. Robert Venditti, David Baron, Atom! Freeman, Hunter Gorinson, and Dinesh Shamdasani hang out and drop the Valiant knowledge. Contains some adult language. And sound effects.

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The OTV crew discusses Harbinger: Bleeding Monk #0. This issue is a perplexing journey through time, and we decipher the truths of the Bleeding Monk that spans thousands of years.

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It's a feedback episode! Your emails, voicemails, messages, notes, smoke signals, telegrams, cave paintings, etc are featured in this episode. Then we are featured as we respond to your questions and comments! Thank you everyone who wrote or called in!

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The NEW Only The Valiant crew takes on Dr. Silk and Unity #5. Drunk Iron Man! Brainwashed Livewire! Finger gouges of death! The end of one era ushers in the beginning of an all new era for OTV. This is the best Valiant Comics discussion, coming to you from the Great White North.

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