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We discuss and review Doctor Solar #2, Magnus, Robot Fighter #2, and Turok, Son of Stone #1 from Dark Horse.

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The Only The Valiant crew talks about the first issue of Magnus Robot Fighter from Dark Horse and Jim Shooter! Plus, some good stuff we've been reading recently, and a nice little discussion of the merit of premise vs. execution.

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Wrap up of San Diego Comic-Con with a couple friends of the show.  We talk about costumes, cool finds, interesting panels, and other random stuff!  Check it out!

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San Diego Comic-Con was in full effect, and we recorded fromt eh show floor Frioday afternoon.  We are joined by a number of friends of the show to discuss the happenings at Comic-Con.

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Doctor Solar is here! We review the first issue of the new Doctor Solar story by Jim Shooter and Dennis Calero.  Did we love it? Yeah, we kinda did. Also, a preview of San Diego Comic-Con, with all the things we are looking forward to. Meet us there and hang out with the OTV crew.

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Comics. We all love them.  Or do we?  We talk about the solicits of upcoming Doctor Solar and Magnus, Robot Fighter comics, answer some questions about our comic collections and spending habits, and discuss the virtue of collecting comics.  Sidetracks into Star Wars and San Diego.

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The OTV guys talk about Free Comic Book Day, and the Doctor Solar/Magnus Robot Fighter issue from Dark Horse.  Plus, we talk about some other comic type stuff.  And Lady Gaga.

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Rumors of a Bloodshot movie are flying around the web.  How true are they?  We discuss.  Also, an inside scoop from Wondercon about the launch date of the upcoming Gold Key books from Dark Horse.  Some other news from Wondercon, and other comics discussion.

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We discuss the Malev War, the epic story of invasion by sentient robots that was published in Magnus, Robot Fighter 21 - 37, and Rai and the Future Force 9 - 22.

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We catch up after some time off, and talk about comics, some minor Valiant related news, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, etc.  Good times are ahead for you in this show.

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