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New Valiant Comics! Bloodshot Rising Spirit continues, The Forgotten Queen takes a surprising turn, and Punk Mambo kicks off.

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X-O Manowar wraps up, and Incursion continues on! We discuss this week's new Valiant Comics!

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Two great new Valiant books are out today for you to read, enjoy, then hear our thoughts on.

In Life And Death of Toyo Harada #2, things develop for our not-so-hero.

In Livewire #5, our hero takes on a whole new organization!

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OTV reports from Wondercon! This is our second episode of conversations from Wondercon 2019 in Anaheim, California.

In this episode, we talk with Joshua Dysart about Life and Death of Toto Harada, Emily Hecht about social media and our Valiant fan community, and we replay a few highlights from the Valiant Panel that occurred on Friday of Wondercon.

01:30 - Valiant Panel: Joshua Dysart on LADOTH

05:39 - Valiant Panel: Vita Ayala on Livewire

10:57 - Emily Hecht

21:22 - One on One with Josh Dysart

If you haven't already, check out Part 1 of our reporting from Wondercon 2019 in Episode 221.  

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Sean reports from Wondercon in Anaheim, California, where he spoke to our friends at Valiant Comics.

First up, we discuss the most exciting thing coming up form Valiant with Director of Marketing Mel Caylo. Plus, we find out how that new flocked cover for Punk Mambo is going to fit into our long boxes.

Second, we hear from Ed Greenberg from Collector’s Paradise, who is a major supporter of Valiant, and hosted them at his booth at Wondercon. He is always up to some cool stuff, and we find out what has been keeping him busy.

Lastly, we talk Livewire with writer Vita Ayala! We dive into the first arc of Livewire, and ask some deep questions about what Amanda has gone through in this story, and where this leaves the character, physically, mentally, and sartorially as we kick off the second arc of Livewire. Plus, we dive into some geeky details! This conversation has spoilers for all of Livewire issues 1 through 4, so read those and jump into the conversation with us.

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