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What is Bloodshot's favorite music, or Ninjak's favorite sport? Aric's fear of heights? The Harby kids favorite fast food? We discuss all these minor details and more. We promise, this episode is better than it sounds!

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Another episode of VCR is here, full of discussion about this week's new Valiant Comic. It's a short week, with only one book: Ninjak #4. There may be only book, but there is a whole lot to talk about this book, as this becomes our longest discussion about a single book to date!

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We take a look at every Valiant Comic title in this episode. Since our sabbatical we mentioned last episode, we haven't had a chance to talk about the current Valiant books. We take a look at all of them, and share our thoughts about the current crop of books coming out monthly. We also find out how far behind Chiclo is on his comic book reading.

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It's a full week for us Valiant Comics fans, we have three great books to discuss. We take a look at all and share our thoughts and reviews.


1:56 - X-O Manowar 37

19:45 - Bloodshot Reborn 3

33:49 - Ivar, Timewalker 6

48:53 - Pioneer Warrior!

Spoiler alert! We have read these issues, and we assume you have too. We do not shy away from discussing every plot point of these issues, so if you do not want to be spoiled, read the books first.

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OTV is back with more great Valiant Comics discussion. This episode is all about Book Of Death. We take a look at the core mini-series, and discuss what we are looking forward to about it, and what we think we may see in this. Also, we look at the Fall Of Bloodshot, Ninjak, Harbinger, and X-O Manowar one-shots, and speculate about those. We finish up discussing the Legend Of The Geomancer incentive book, and share our opinions, ranging from positive, to negative, to extremely level headed.

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Another week! Another batch of new Valiant Books! We get the origin of Shanhara in the X-O Manowar 25th Anniversary Special, and in Unity, we meet Warmonger. This episode features strong opinions.

Valiant Comics Review is the weekly Valiant Comics discussion. We review the new books on stands today, June 10th, 2015. Up this week is Shanhara #0, or, as is printed on the cover, X-O Manowar 25th Anniversary Special. Also, Unity #19 is out this week.

We had some strong opnions about the books this week, and apparently, were not afraid to share them.


2:34 - X-O Manowar Special

20:05 - Unity 19

Our discussion contains spoilers for the book, so if you have not read the books yet, and do not want to be spoiled, hit pause and come back after reading.

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Two new Valiant Comics hit the stands today, and we are here to discuss them. We are joined by Paul from Valiant Central for today's round table. First, we discuss Dead Drop #2, with questionable dialogue and all. Next, Imperium #5 shows us the same story twice, in the very best of ways.


2:15 - Dead Drop #2

16:05 - Imperium #5

Our discussion contains spoilers for the books, so make sure you have read the books before listening if you do not want to be spoiled.

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