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Sean and Zeph went to Super-Con in San Jose, and met up with amigo Brian.  We talk about the con, the cool finds we got, a look at Valiant books at the con, and some other cool stuff. Also, we talk about the Frank Frazetta signature series, and look forward to San Diego Comic Con.  A good time was had by everyone at the con, give it a listen!
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So you have decided you want to get some Valiant comics.  How should you go about acquiring them? What kind of collector are you?  Where are the best places to find the Valiant comics you want?  What are the tips that will help you find the diamonds in the rough? In this episode, Sean, Chiclo, and Zeph discuss the fine art of buying Valiant comics. Sit back and enjoy this episode, brought to you by collecting, compulsion, and capitalism!
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