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OTV is proud to present an audio recording of the Valiant panel from San Diego Comic-Con! On the panel are Publisher Fred Pierce, Writer Josh Dysart, Writer Rob Venditti, Writer Matt Kindt, Editor Warren Simons, and CEO Dinesh Shamdasani. The panel was on Saturday evening, July 20th.

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OTV reports again from Saturday afternoon of Comic-Con. In this episode: The Walking Dead Escape, Valiant Fans poker and trivia night, Valiant Comics at the convention, and a ton of general observations about the greatest convention in the world.

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Straight from the floor of San Diego Comic-Con, we've got an interview with 8-Bit Valiant Cover Artist Matt Waite, and a round table discussion of the convention so far. Live vicariously!

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Recorded at the Quantum & Woody Release Party at Collector's Paradise in Pasadena, Sean and store owner Ed host the show, with James Asmus, Dinesh Shamdasani, and Atom! Freeman on the show to talk about Quantum & Woody and Valiant.

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We discuss Planet Death, now that the story has concluded. What started as a story about a barbarian laying a one man siege on a planet turned in to a whole lot more as a planet ended up in battle against itself. Tune in now!

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We throw out the net and see what it catches. Plenty to catch up on in this one. Quantum & Woody release party, and SDCC exclusive, SDCC itself, contest winners, and a look back at a year of Valiant books.

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