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Special Edition! This episode is a result of an impromptu discussion between Sean, Chiclo, and Zeph on the comics industry. This episode goes a little off topic as we discuss what happened to the comics industry for the last 20 years, from boom to bust to scrapping by, plus our visions for the future of the comic book industry.
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This episode welcomes new co-host Zeph, as we discuss what would be required for a successful relaunch of Valiant Comics.  Opinions abound as we talk about the importance of old continuity for new stories, as well as the different options of how Valiant could start creating new stories about our favorite characters.  Joining us for the discussion is guest Michael Sacal, who has populated the informative Valiant Wiki for Valiant Entertainment. The wiki can be found at  Michael knows Valiant continuity and stories through and through.
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Valiant history, again! Chiclo and Sean continue there journey of recollection, Starting with the last of the Acclaim comics like Armorines, Shadowman Vol. 3, and Unity 2000. After this, bankruptcy, big sales, shady trademark registration by a secretive company, and the legal battle to end all legal battles (for Valiant characters).

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