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The Gorin epic comes to a close, and the new Shadowman epic starts off with a bang. Loas and Lightning swords! Plenty to discuss in this week's episode of Valiant Comics Review, where we talk about the new Valiant books as soon as they are on stands.

First up, the Gorin epic comes to a close in X-O Manowar #13, and the planet seems to get a happy ending. What did we think of this wrap up, and what kind of light does it cast the entire run so far in? Also, we get the big reveal of what sent Aric away from Earth in the first place, and why he had such animosity with the armor.

Second, we discuss Shadowman #1, the return of Jack Boniface to the Shadowman mantle! We take a look at the things from past continuity that this story follows up on, and weigh in on some of the things that aren't as well represented. Plus, we get some hints at some of what may be coming, and Alyssa is cool.

Spoiler alert! We're going to talk all about these books, read them before listening!

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