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Unity #2 is in the spotlight today, we take an in-depth look at the second issue of this series. We also take a look at X-O Manowar #19, the extraordinary Unity tie-in issue. Two great issues, one great episode!

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We pick 'em, and you listen! We each pick a recent Valiant Comic to talk about, and share what we liked about it. Quantum & Woody, Harbinger, and Unity 8-Bit Adventure all get some love in this episode. Plus, we catch up on some of our recent reads.

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The Sect Civil War is in full swing, and the OTV crew takes a look at issues 14 and 15, the first two issues of the current arc in Archer & Armstrong. These issues kick off the Sect Civil War, introduce us to several new branches of the Sect, and also give us the Timewalker Pub Crawl. Tune in for our expert commentary!

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Shadowman gets a facelift with lucky issue number 13, by Peter Milligan, Roberto de la Torre, and David Baron. We discuss this issue, with a new tone, a new direction, a new Mambo, and a new Jack.

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We take a step back from the reviews of individual books for a mega review of Valiant overall as a publisher and company. Which books do we love? Which books need a little love? What about all the other stuff the company is doing to make great stuff and interact with fans? We take a look at it all.

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