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Fly Like Faith! We discuss issue 3 of Valiant Comics breakout hit, Faith. The story takes shape as heroes and villains both are revealed, and we're here for your dose of conversation about it.

Spoiler Alert! We are going to discuss all of the plot points in this issue, so if you don't want to be spoiled, read the book first.

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We discuss Bloodshot Reborn Annual, X-O Manowar #45, Death-Defying Doctor Mirage: Second Lives #4 in this episode. Valiant Comics Review always discusses the brand new Valiant Comics on sale today. When you need a dose of Valiant Comics discussion, VCR is here to give it.

Spoiler Alert! We assume you have read these books, and talk about all of the plot points. If you don't want to be spoiled, read thebooks before listening.

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It's a giant week of new books, and the VCR round table is here to discuss them all! Each week we discuss the new Valiant Comics out on shelves now.

Spoilers! This episode is full of them, so if you don't want to know them, read the books before listening.

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VCR has a small round table discussion of Ninjak 13, out today from Valiant Comics. There's a lot to discuss in this final issue of this arc, from Punk Mambo, to Shadowman, to Ninjak himself.

Spoiler alert! We discuss all of the plot points in this issue, so if you don't want to be spoiled, read the issue before listening.

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