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Three new books are out today from Valiant Comics, and we are here to talk about them!

Spoiler alert for these books!

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It's New Comic Book Day, which means new Valiant Comics to talk about. Today, we talk about Incursion #4, out now!

Spoiler alert! You've been warned...

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Two big Harbinger-filled books this week, and crack VCR team is here to discuss.

Spoiler alert!

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David Menchel, Associate Editor at Valiant Comics, stops by to wet our appetites for the upcoming Psi-Lords series. Don't worry, Gregg Katzman is here too to make sure we don't spoiler anything for you!

We have read Psi-Lords #1, and we like it! After our non-spoiler conversation with David, we share a bit of our non-spoiler thoughts on the book.

After that, we talk about the original Psi-Lords series from the 90s, and give you a bit of a primer about who and what they were, and what the series is all about.

This is Only The Valiant, so of course we will weave and swerve our way through various side tracks and off topic, intriguing ideas.

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The future has arrived on VCR! Fallen World picks up on the story of the world of 4001 A.D. VCR is here to discuss!

Spoiler alert! We are going to talk all about this book.

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