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We discuss the new Valiant Comics that are in comic shops tday.

First up, Divinity #4 is the final issue of the first Divinity series, and things wrap up in an interesting way.

Next, Ivar goes recruiting through time, and runs into some old friends of ours in the far, far future. And also buys hamburgers.


1:23 - Divinity #4

26:38 - Ivar, Timewalker #5

Our discussion contains spoilers, so read the books before you listen, if you don't want to be spoiled.

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We review the two new comic books published by Valiant Comics today. Ninjak fights for his life against Roku in Ninjak #2, and Ray discovers what he must do next in Bloodshot Reborn #3.

Our discussion contains spoilers, so make sure you read the books before you listen if you do not want to be spoiled.


0:41 - Ninjak #3

21:55 - Bloodshot Reborn #2

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Three great books came out today from Valiant Comics, and we sit down to discuss them all. X-O Kings up in the X-O chat room, the Unity team saves many donkeys from certain doom, and things go inside out in Imperium.


01:20 - Unity 18

18:01 - X-O Manowar 36

31:23 - Imperium 4

Spoiler alert! We discuss these books with the assumption that you have read them. Read the books before listening if you do not want to be spoiled.

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We talk about a few books this week, starting with the Free Comic Book Day issue from last weekend, then moving on to today's books, Dead Drop and the Valiant Handbook.


1:20 - Free Comic Book Day

11:27 - Dead Drop #1

25.38 - Valiant Handbook 2015

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