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The Armor Hunters have made their first strike against the third planet of the Sol system, harboring the X-O Manowar armor infestation. We discuss Armor Hunters #1, and the anniversary extravaganza, X-O Manowar #25.

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This one-shot fill-in episode features sean and Elveen, on the road home from Wizard World Sacramento. There's a whole lot of comic book talk in this long episode recorded on the I-5 freeway, including X-Men, Collecting Classic Valiant, what is in our personal collections, what it is like to transition from a collector to a dealer, and a whole lot more.

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We discuss the Eternal Emperor, issues 5 through 8 of Eternal Warrior. What's up with Gil, why is the future the way it is, and how much do we adore his Granddaughter? Plus, some recent reads to chew on, and more.

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