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Bloodshot has wrapped up its current arc, which thrusts it straight in to Harbinger Wars. We discuss the latest issue, and look forward to Harbinger Wars, and a lot of the cool announcements that have been made, from 8-biit covers to video games to previews in the Harbinger Wars sketchbook. We also talk about the most recent issues of Shadowman and Archer & Armstrong to round things out.

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Robert Venditti, writer of X-O Manowar, joins us to talk about Planet Death, and everything in the series that has been leading up to this Epic story. We discuss how Aric has developed over the last 10 months, and tease what is coming ahead in Planet Death, starting in March from Valiant. In addition we touch on Rob';s plans for Green Lantern, which he will be writing for DC comics. Tons of great conversation, information, and fun in this episode!

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We dig into Harbinger #9, in which Faith super heroes up and truly becomes Zephyr. In addition, we discuss into the nearly perfect comic, Harbinger #0.

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Geomancer's got attitude and Gilad's got style. In this episode, we catch up on <strong>Archer & Armstrong issues 6</strong> and 7. Spoiler: We really liked these issues!

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