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You love Valiant Comics, and so do we. We bring you the very best commentary, reviews, and discussion about your favorite Valiant Comics, as well as interviews with the greatest creators in the industry. We strive to make reading and collecting comics more fun. Please visit the Podcast website at
In this episode, Sean, Chiclo and Zeph discuss the Gold Key 3 - Turok, Doctor Solar, and Magnus, Robot Fighter. We discuss their origins in the 50's and 60's, and talk about how Valiant handled the characters, changed them to make them better (in our opinions), and used them to build the Valiant Universe. In the news, Valiant comic back issues are being put up for sale in more and more places.
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Welcome back to another fun filled episode of THE podcast that gives you your Valiant fix.  In this episode we review the X-O Manowar hardcover collection that hit the streets just a couple weeks ago. We also talk about Free Comic Book Day, Gumby, PLUS Zeph goes on a rant against fraud in the comic hobby.  Can't be beat!
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