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VCR Discusses the new Valiant Comics every week. This week, Faith continues to take on Hollywood, and Livewire and the HARDCorps take on everyone.

When you've read the brand new Valiant Comics, stop by the VCR party for some great Valiant Comics discussion.

We are going to discuss all of the details about these books, so if you don't want to be spoiled, make sure you head to the shop and get today's new Valiant Comics before listening.

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Weeks like this make us get down on our knees and thank our lucky stars! Three great books from Valiant Comics are out today for us to discuss in the VCR Round Table.

Each week, Valiant Comics Review discusses the brand new comics released that Wednesday. After you've read the books, and you need your fix, this is the place to go.

Spoiler alert! We are going to discuss all aspects of this book, so if you haven't read them, read first if you don't want to learn about the story from us.

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With titles that long, you know these Valiant Comics will give us a lot to discuss! Each week VCR discusses the new books from Valiant Comics, and we have two great books to discuss this week.

In The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #2, we see a bit more of Armstrong's past, and that he doesn't seem to learn from past mistakes. Also, some alcohol torture, and we see Mary Maria and her Nuns of Doom. This issue adds a whole lot to this series that we missed in issue 1, and moves the story along in a really great direction. This issue gives us a whole lot to discuss.

Next, in Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #6, we get a good glimpse of history, with a lot of strings that we can try to tie together. We try to figure out a lot about what the Eternal Enemy is all about. Plus, a whole lot of theorizing between these timelines, the Eternal Enemy and Immortal Enemy, and a lot more.

Spoiler Alert! We are going to talk about every plot point in these stories. If you don't want to be spoiled, read the books before listening.

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The Siege Of King's Castle begins! Ninjak is on the run, and the VCR crew is on his tail to discuss today's new book from Valiant Comics.

This book starts with a bang, and we follow along with the way that Ninjak deals with his new predicament. What does he know? What doesn't he know? We discuss this and a lot more.

Also, in the backup feature, Mrs. King makes an important decision about her future. There are some interesting connections we might make in this one.

Crazy connections, crazy theories, and crazy discussion, it's the VCR way. Hop in and enjoy!

Spoiler alert! We discuss the new Valiant Comics every week, in all of their spoiled plot point glory. If you don't want to know what happens in this book before reading the comic, then read the comic! Then tune in.

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