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Unity #2 is in the spotlight today, we take an in-depth look at the second issue of this series. We also take a look at X-O Manowar #19, the extraordinary Unity tie-in issue. Two great issues, one great episode!

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We pick 'em, and you listen! We each pick a recent Valiant Comic to talk about, and share what we liked about it. Quantum & Woody, Harbinger, and Unity 8-Bit Adventure all get some love in this episode. Plus, we catch up on some of our recent reads.

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The Sect Civil War is in full swing, and the OTV crew takes a look at issues 14 and 15, the first two issues of the current arc in Archer & Armstrong. These issues kick off the Sect Civil War, introduce us to several new branches of the Sect, and also give us the Timewalker Pub Crawl. Tune in for our expert commentary!

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Shadowman gets a facelift with lucky issue number 13, by Peter Milligan, Roberto de la Torre, and David Baron. We discuss this issue, with a new tone, a new direction, a new Mambo, and a new Jack.

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We take a step back from the reviews of individual books for a mega review of Valiant overall as a publisher and company. Which books do we love? Which books need a little love? What about all the other stuff the company is doing to make great stuff and interact with fans? We take a look at it all.

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Unity #1 came out, and we give the book our Commentary Track treatment! We go through the book and talk about the story, the art, the references, the questions, the kills, and everything else we want to discuss. Don't miss Unity, and don't miss this commentary track!

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The groundwork for Unity has been told in X-O Manowar, and we take a look at the Road To Unity atory arc that leads in to the Unity mega series. Aric is back on earth, taking over Romania, and acting the hero. Or not. Plus, the Eternal Warrior shows up to show him how it's done. Or not. We discuss it all in this episode.

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The H.A.R.D.Corps are back, and they've joined together with Bloodshot to wreck havoc on the Harbinger Foundation, and on our comic book boxes! This episode focuses on issues 14 and 15 of Bloodshot and the H.A.R.D.Corps. We examine the new, relatable side of Bloodshot, and the various new members of the Corps.

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Shadowman takes center stage as we discuss Shadowman #10, the follow-up to the incredibly good zero issue. We also discuss Dr. Mirage's magic and the fun adventure in Shadowman #11. Plus, a look back at the previous arc of Shadowman and Darque's grand plan. Happy Shadoween, everbody!

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We look at a bunch of recent news about Valiant Comics, New York Comic Con, Quantum & Woody with Christopher Priest and MD Bright, Eternal Warrior and 4001 AD, Unity and Variant Covers, Dynamite and Magnus, Doctor Solar and Turok, plus many more keywords!

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We've read Harbinger 15 and 16, and we've got no idea what to think. We've been Super Duped by a bunch of Super Dupers. In addition, some recent reads, vice presidents, and those darn Yankees.

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We dig deep into the first issue of Valiant's most recent ongoing series, Eternal Warrior! We've been waiting for this character to get his own title for a while, so we take a good long look at this first issue. In addition, Recent Reads, and of course a digression, this time into the origins of heavy metal.

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We take a look at the zero issue of Bloodshot, and try to dissect what exactly is going on, and exactly how many incarnations of Bloodshot have sported rocking Afros.

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It's time to take a glimpse of the future and discuss Archer & Armstrong #12. This issue has pretty has pretty much everything you could want from a comic, and we discuss is all. In addition to a thorough look at Archer & Armstrong #12, we have Recent Reads, and of course, a couple quick digressions into classic thrash metal and the digital comic reading experience.

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The Battle Of Las Vegas is over, and it's time for us to sift through the wreckage and determine who won, and who lost. Generation Zero, The Renegades, Bloodshot, Project Rising Spirit, H.A.R.D.Corps, and Harada's Harbinger Foundation. Who won? Who lost? Tune in now.

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We discuss Archer & Armstrong issues 10 and 11, with The Faraway, General Redacted, Mary Maria, Little Grey Men, and more. We round out the episode with some Recent Reads.

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The crew discuss the first issue of Quantum & Woody, the latest ongoing series in the Valiant Universe. We also catch up on some news: Unity, Luge Suits, Hardcovers, and more. Also: 90s TV shows (not sure why).

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OTV is proud to present an audio recording of the Valiant panel from San Diego Comic-Con! On the panel are Publisher Fred Pierce, Writer Josh Dysart, Writer Rob Venditti, Writer Matt Kindt, Editor Warren Simons, and CEO Dinesh Shamdasani. The panel was on Saturday evening, July 20th.

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OTV reports again from Saturday afternoon of Comic-Con. In this episode: The Walking Dead Escape, Valiant Fans poker and trivia night, Valiant Comics at the convention, and a ton of general observations about the greatest convention in the world.

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Straight from the floor of San Diego Comic-Con, we've got an interview with 8-Bit Valiant Cover Artist Matt Waite, and a round table discussion of the convention so far. Live vicariously!

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Recorded at the Quantum & Woody Release Party at Collector's Paradise in Pasadena, Sean and store owner Ed host the show, with James Asmus, Dinesh Shamdasani, and Atom! Freeman on the show to talk about Quantum & Woody and Valiant.

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We discuss Planet Death, now that the story has concluded. What started as a story about a barbarian laying a one man siege on a planet turned in to a whole lot more as a planet ended up in battle against itself. Tune in now!

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We throw out the net and see what it catches. Plenty to catch up on in this one. Quantum & Woody release party, and SDCC exclusive, SDCC itself, contest winners, and a look back at a year of Valiant books.

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In the tradition of the classic Archer & Armstrong material from the 90s, Archer & Armstrong tells Archer how things really went down during the epic of Gilgamesh. In the tradition of classic Only The Valiant discussions, we tell you what we really think of this fantastic issue.

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The War wages on in Las Vegas! This month, we discuss round 2 of the Harbinger Wars, which includes Harbinger Wars #2, Harbinger #12, and Bloodshot #11. The war is heating up, and more sides are entering the fray.

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Sean and Elveen are on the road home from Phoenix Comic Con, and record this episode, talking about the ins and outs of setting up as a dealer at comic conventions.

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Shadowman #0 gets the commentary track treatment! In this episode, we discuss Shadowman #0 page by page, and sometimes panel by panel, to give our commentary on this great issue. This self-contained issue tells the story of the young life of young Nicodemo Darque and his sister Sandria, as they discover their magical abilities, and get forced into a confrontation with someone close to them.

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Archer & Armstrong take on The Void, Evil Mind Control Equations, and Zorn Water in Archer & Armstrong 8 and 9. We dig in to these issues and discuss all the comic book fun in these books.

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Month 1 of the Harbinger Wars is complete, and we discuss the April books in this crossover: Harbinger Wars #1, Harbinger #11, and Bloodshot #10.

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Dinesh Shamdasani, the CEO, CCO, and a founder of Valiant Entertainment joins us to tell us the Secret History of Valiant Comics. How did two young guys decide to buy Valiant, and wrangle everything together to become one of the best publishers in comics? Find out the true story here.

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If you have any doubt that Valiant Comics is the best, most fun publisher in comics, this episode will eliminate all doubt. We sat down poolside with the folks from Valiant to talk about their comics, have a drink, and have some fun. Joining us is Joshua Dysart (writer of Harbinger, Harbinger Wars), James Asmus (writer of Quantum & Woody), Hunter Gorrinson (Marketing Manager), Fred Pierce (Publisher), Atom! Freeman (Sales Manager), and Dinesh Shamdasani (CEO and CCO). There's a few slips of adult language and humor in this one as the drinks were flowing, so sit back and enjoy!

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After the INCREDIBLE Episode 100, which was filled with a ton of AMAZING information, we decided to go a little mellow for this episode and talk about collecting Valiant Comics. We discuss the different types of collectors, what there is to collect, and most of all, Collector's Satisfaction.

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Bloodshot has wrapped up its current arc, which thrusts it straight in to Harbinger Wars. We discuss the latest issue, and look forward to Harbinger Wars, and a lot of the cool announcements that have been made, from 8-biit covers to video games to previews in the Harbinger Wars sketchbook. We also talk about the most recent issues of Shadowman and Archer & Armstrong to round things out.

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Robert Venditti, writer of X-O Manowar, joins us to talk about Planet Death, and everything in the series that has been leading up to this Epic story. We discuss how Aric has developed over the last 10 months, and tease what is coming ahead in Planet Death, starting in March from Valiant. In addition we touch on Rob';s plans for Green Lantern, which he will be writing for DC comics. Tons of great conversation, information, and fun in this episode!

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We dig into Harbinger #9, in which Faith super heroes up and truly becomes Zephyr. In addition, we discuss into the nearly perfect comic, Harbinger #0.

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Geomancer's got attitude and Gilad's got style. In this episode, we catch up on <strong>Archer & Armstrong issues 6</strong> and 7. Spoiler: We really liked these issues!

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The crew talks about Bloodshot issues 7 and 8, this series is getting better and better with each issue! First off, Harbinger Hunter in issue 7, then things get gruesome in issue 8!

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Torque is introducerd in Harbinger #8, we discuss what we think of the new incarnation of the bruiser. We also discuss Shadowman 1 through 4, the first complete story arc of this book. We also talk about other comics we are reading, and how they compare to the material that Valiant is releasing. Lastly, listeners respond with their best of 2012.

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This episode is all about covers! We talk about the best, the most exciting, variants, collecting, and enjoying the covers of comics. We discuss our favorites, and what we think are the most iconic, both Valiant and non-Valiant.

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We catch up on Harbinger #6 and #7, the great Kris and Flamingo issues. We also catch up on the second half of Ninjak's introductory arc in X-O Manowar #7 and #8. Also, we sing our praise for Shadowman #3, and catch up on some recent reads.

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