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Delinquents #1 came out this week, and we celebrate at the Delinquents Release Party at Collector's Paradise with the man himself, James Asmus. We discuss Quantum & Woody, Hobos, maps, and more.

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Joshua Dysart stopped by to discuss his entire run on Harbinger. In this second of two parts, we finish up with Resistance and Death of a Renegade, and discuss our thoughts on the series as a whole. This is the second part of this interview, and this part picks up where part 1 leaves off. Make sure to listen to Part 1 in addition to this one!

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Sean talks with Steve Bryant about his work on Athena Voltaire, the upcoming Athena Voltaire Compendium, the allure of pulp storytelling, and the reason why we love making comics.

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Joshua Dysart stopped by to discuss his entire landmark run on Harbinger from Valiant Comics. In this first of two parts, we talk about the beginning in Omega Rising, then the "Renegades", "Harbinger Wars", and "Perfect Day" story arcs. Josh talks about Harbinger with his usual insight, humor, and understanding. Our conversation was so massive that we broke it into two parts, so keep an eye out for part 2 next week.

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We talk with Valiant's CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Dinesh Shamdasani at San Diego Comic-Con. We talk about the lovers and the fighters of the Valiant Universe, and the State of things at Valiant. Plus, Doctor Mirage, Armor Hunters, and a special OTV Rewards.

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We're back from San Diego Comic-Con, and we'd like to talk about it with the entire OTV crew. We talk about the future of Valiant, the Doctor Mirage preview, The map for three years of Rai, and a whole lot more. Plus, Recent Reads and OTV Rewards!

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or this small talk, Sean talks to James Heffron at San Diego Comic Con. James runs Lawdog Comics, and is currently running a kickstarter campaign for his book, Gangs Of Camelot. James is a champion of the independent spirit of comics, so take a listen.

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