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Fall Of Harbinger is here. It's the only book this week. So we discuss it. A lot. It's a good thing there is a whole lot to discuss in this book.

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We take a queue from Ivar and travel through time. This episode is all about time travel, how it works, and what we know, or can guess, about the various types of time travel we have seen in the Valiant Universe. 

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We open the Book Of Death and peer back into Legends in this week, two great comics came out from Valiant that propel the Book Of Death forward.

Spoilers! We've read these books, and you should have too. If you haven't, and you don't want to be spoiled, wait to listen to this episode until after you read the books.

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Three new books are out today from Valiant Comics for us to discuss and review. Each of these books was very different from the others, but each gave us something to love.

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We discuss the second Month of Book of Death titles from Valiant Comics, where everyone has a big fight, then goes somewhere. We all have different ideas about what is, and isn't going on, and there is plenty to discuss.

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Unity presents the final chapter of the Warmonger story, while Ninjak continues to rampage through the Shadow War. Two interesting books for us to discuss this week from our favorite publisher.

Spoiler alert! We discuss these books with without holding back any details of the story. If you don't want to be spoiled about anything in these books, read them first, then listen.

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Another week of great Valiant Comics, and that means another episode of VCR! This week, things heat up in X-O Manowar, and Harada has an after-school special moment as he learns something.

Our review contains spoilers, so make sure you read the books before you listen if you don't want to be spoiled.

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