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We finish up 2014 with two topics for your enjoyment! First up: Bloodshot #25. Is this issue a great cap to a great series, and a celebration of everything we love about Bloodshot? Or is it just confusing? Next up, we revisit our ongoing discussion about the tentpoles of the Valiant Universe, but this time, featuring your comments and feedback about who and what the tentpoles are, and what makes something a tentpole anyway?

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Archer, Armstrong, Quantum, and Woody have finished their hobo adventure, now it is our turn to get in on the action as we discuss The Delinquents mini-series from Valiant Comics. Two of us loved it, one of us hated it. We talk about the moments we liked, the moments we hated, the unique visual storytelling, and lot more. Plus, a conversation about team-ups in general, with what we love, what we don't like, and the team-ups we most want to see from Valiant.

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OTV reviews The Valiant #1, the latest new series from our favorite publisher. Here's a bit of spoilers: We loved this issue. We discuss all there is to discuss in this great comic: The history, how the characters were introduced, what we know about the Immortal Enemy from this issue, and more.

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The OTV crew tackles two Zero Issues, discussing the backstory of the voodoo lady in Punk Mambo Zero, and the history of Unit Y in Unity Zero. Note: Apologies for the lower sound quality in this episode!

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We met up with Valiant coloring master David Baron to talk about Archer & Armstrong, Doctor Mirage, and the evolution and future of coloring in comic books.

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We catch up with Warren Simons for a quick conversation about the state of Valiant Comics right now, with some good words about the creators he works with and the people working behind the scenes. Also, a little bit of fun as we make Warren the arbiter of the Valiant Thunderdome.

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It's an end-of-the-run celebration (or is it?) as we discuss Archer & Armstrong 25, how well it capped this volume of the book, and our overall thoughts on the entire run of this series. Also, some convention talk, and a guest appearance by... Jonesy?

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Harbinger: Omegas has come on gone, and we take some time to reflect on this mini-series and what it does to transition the story for our favorote characters. Also, we talk about the wave of six new titles announced as part of the Valiant Next initiative.

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We return with Part 2 of our conversation with Robert Venditti about the entire run of X-O Manowar. In this episode, we discuss Homecoming, Unity, Armore Hunters, the Armor Hunters Prelude and tie-in issues, and Issue Zero.

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Modern Myth Maker Robert Venditt joins us to set the record straight on X-O Manowar, as we discuss the entire run of X-O Manowar. In this episode, we discuss the first three arcs: By The Sword, Enter Ninjak, and Planet Death.

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It is our fifth and final round of Armor Hunters discussion. In this episode: Armor Hunters #4, X-O Manowar #29, and the fallout in Armor Hunters: Aftermath.

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Rai 3 and 4 have thrown us for a loop. Hop on board as we disect the final two issues in this fantastic kick off story arc.

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It's time for Round 4! In this episode, we talk about the Armor Hunters: Bloodshot and the Armor Hunters: Harbinger mini series. We talk about the contents of the series, and how they fit in to the overall series.

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We catch up on Valiant's mega-event and discuss Armor Hunters 2 and 3, and X-O Manowar 27 and 28.

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We love Doctor Mirage #1, and spend an hour digging in to its rich story. We talk about Docotr Mirage herself, her abilities, the demon, the bracelet, the art and storytelling, and a whole lot more.

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Quantum and Woody take on the Smithsonian, Voodoo, The return of the ERA, Tommy Edison, and most importantly, the OTV crew, as we discuss the latest Quantum and Woody story arc.

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Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:20pm PST has served as a hub for Valiant Fandom through both the lean times and strong times. Greg, the proprieter of joins us to talk about the history of the Valiant Fandom.

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Delinquents #1 came out this week, and we celebrate at the Delinquents Release Party at Collector's Paradise with the man himself, James Asmus. We discuss Quantum & Woody, Hobos, maps, and more.

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Joshua Dysart stopped by to discuss his entire run on Harbinger. In this second of two parts, we finish up with Resistance and Death of a Renegade, and discuss our thoughts on the series as a whole. This is the second part of this interview, and this part picks up where part 1 leaves off. Make sure to listen to Part 1 in addition to this one!

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Sean talks with Steve Bryant about his work on Athena Voltaire, the upcoming Athena Voltaire Compendium, the allure of pulp storytelling, and the reason why we love making comics.

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Joshua Dysart stopped by to discuss his entire landmark run on Harbinger from Valiant Comics. In this first of two parts, we talk about the beginning in Omega Rising, then the "Renegades", "Harbinger Wars", and "Perfect Day" story arcs. Josh talks about Harbinger with his usual insight, humor, and understanding. Our conversation was so massive that we broke it into two parts, so keep an eye out for part 2 next week.

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We talk with Valiant's CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Dinesh Shamdasani at San Diego Comic-Con. We talk about the lovers and the fighters of the Valiant Universe, and the State of things at Valiant. Plus, Doctor Mirage, Armor Hunters, and a special OTV Rewards.

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We're back from San Diego Comic-Con, and we'd like to talk about it with the entire OTV crew. We talk about the future of Valiant, the Doctor Mirage preview, The map for three years of Rai, and a whole lot more. Plus, Recent Reads and OTV Rewards!

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or this small talk, Sean talks to James Heffron at San Diego Comic Con. James runs Lawdog Comics, and is currently running a kickstarter campaign for his book, Gangs Of Camelot. James is a champion of the independent spirit of comics, so take a listen.

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OTV presents the Valiant Panel from San Diego Comic-Con 2014, followed by a round table of Valiant Fans (fams) to discuss the future that was hinted at. The panel spotlighted some of the amazing talent Valiant is working with, and we discuss the bright future presented by this panel.


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San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing. Elveen and Sean get together with friends Jordan and David Baron to talk about the con, SDCC rules, and our SDCC experience and how it changes. Also, Doctor Mirage #1 preview books are floating around, and we discuss this great first issue.

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The End Times of Shadowman have arrived. We talk about the stuff we liked in this series, and discuss the things that don't quite work for us. Also, we discuss big news about The Valiant prestige series, X-O Manowar #0, and the Archer & Armstrong movie.

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It's all Armor Hunters all the time! We discuss two great crossover issues: Unity #8, and X-O Manowar #26. It's a packed episode about two great issues. Also, we take a look at the latest Previews to get an idea of what's coming up for us in a couple months.

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The past, the present, and the future collide in this episode, as we discuss the complete Trapped By Webnet arc in Unity 5, 6 and 7, then jump to the world of 4001 A.D. to discuss Rai 2. The doctor is in the house.

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The Armor Hunters have made their first strike against the third planet of the Sol system, harboring the X-O Manowar armor infestation. We discuss Armor Hunters #1, and the anniversary extravaganza, X-O Manowar #25.

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This one-shot fill-in episode features sean and Elveen, on the road home from Wizard World Sacramento. There's a whole lot of comic book talk in this long episode recorded on the I-5 freeway, including X-Men, Collecting Classic Valiant, what is in our personal collections, what it is like to transition from a collector to a dealer, and a whole lot more.

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We discuss the Eternal Emperor, issues 5 through 8 of Eternal Warrior. What's up with Gil, why is the future the way it is, and how much do we adore his Granddaughter? Plus, some recent reads to chew on, and more.

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The OTV crew tackles Mission: Improbable, the crossover that throws Archer against Bloodshot, with Armstrong and H.A.R.D. Corps covering mop up duty. We discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of this crossover.

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Sean and CHiclo spend a few moments with Robert Venditti to discuss the characters from the upcoming Armor Hunters mega event coming from Valiant Comics this summer.

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Death Omens! This episode is a double feature discussion of books leading to a very exciting Summer: First, Harbinger #22 makes us worried, anxious, and excited about what is coming up in the next few issues. Second, X-O Manowar #23 and #24 lead us in to the Armor Hunters mega event. Plus, Ask Chiclo and OTV Rewards!

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The OTV crew reviews Shadowman 13 to 16, the first arc in a new, reimagined and expanded mythos for Shadowman, and for Jack. Also, a brand new segment, Chiclo discusses how he would publish comics, if he were to get his hands on one of the Valiant characters. All this plus the usual hijinks, rewards, and more.

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One episode wasn't enough! We are starting a brand new feature, OTV Small Talks, with our further commentary on Rai #1 from Valiant Comics. Is Rai human? What are his abilities? What does Chiclo think of Rai #1? All this squeezed into a nice little package.

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Rai #1 has charged into this world, and we are compelled to discuss it! Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain created an amazing comic book, and we take a good long look at this one. Rai, Lula, PTs, Psylocke, Father, and the Future of Japan. There is so much to discuss, so let's get to it!

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It's time to settle this once and for all. Who is the most powerful in the Valiant Universe? We discuss all of your favorite characters, and finally cast our votes to determine who has the most power.

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From Wondercon, The OTV crew and the Valiant crew sit down together after hours to discuss everything that Valiant has in the works, Rai, Armor Hunters, Harbinger, Doctor Mirage, and more. Robert Venditti, David Baron, Atom! Freeman, Hunter Gorinson, and Dinesh Shamdasani hang out and drop the Valiant knowledge. Contains some adult language. And sound effects.

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The OTV crew discusses Harbinger: Bleeding Monk #0. This issue is a perplexing journey through time, and we decipher the truths of the Bleeding Monk that spans thousands of years.

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It's a feedback episode! Your emails, voicemails, messages, notes, smoke signals, telegrams, cave paintings, etc are featured in this episode. Then we are featured as we respond to your questions and comments! Thank you everyone who wrote or called in!

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The NEW Only The Valiant crew takes on Dr. Silk and Unity #5. Drunk Iron Man! Brainwashed Livewire! Finger gouges of death! The end of one era ushers in the beginning of an all new era for OTV. This is the best Valiant Comics discussion, coming to you from the Great White North.

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The OTV crew dare to be stupid and take on FOUR recent Valiant Comics story arcs. We each pick a series we have been enjoying, discuss the recent issues, and talk about what we have been liking about that series. Harbinger, Eternal Warrior, Bloodshot and the HARDCorps, and Quantum and Woody are all represented.

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We take a look at the final issue of the first arc of Unity, and discuss this issue, and take a look at the overall first arc of Unity. Also, some more discussion of main vs supporting characters, and a little power ranking in the Valiant Universe.

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Archer & Armstrong: Archer Zero is out, and we take a look at the origin of Archer, and a few of the surprises about who he is and what he is capable of. Also, recent reads, and a Chiclorious announcement.

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Sure, sure, sure. We've all heard the news. The exciting news about Valiant First. Rai and Doctor Mirage ongoing series, Armor Hunters, and The Delinquents. What comes next? Tune in and find out!

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2013 was a great year of Valiant Comics, and it's time to hear what we chose as the very best. Also, a whole lot of you chimed in, to give your thoughts about the very best of 2013.

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Eternal Warrior is up to bat! We review the first four issues of Eternal Warrior, which brings the Eternal Warrior out of retirment to do... something. We discuss the ups and downs of this story arc, the good, the bad, what we liked, and what didn't work for us. Our opinions are all over the place with this one, so tune in now!

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We kick off 2014 by taking a look at our resolutions for 2014, particulalry with respect to our reading, collecting, and enjoyment of comics. We discuss how we want to grow our collection, or shrink our collection, what we are looking forward to, what we want to read, and what we want to re-read. This episode is a step back from our usual focus on Valiant, and is a look at our relationship with our comic hobby overall.

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We take a look at the year that was, and the Valiant Comic stories published last year. We discuss the books month by month, reminiscing on our memories of the books published last year.

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