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The OTV crew wraps up the year with a bang, discussing our favorites from this year in Valiant comics, a look back at some of the best moments, and a look forward to what we are most looking forward to in 2013.

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Sean Chiclo, and Secret Agent Kissy Face discuss Shadowman #2 and Archer & Armstrong #3, featuring the Eternal Warrior! Also, Elveen indeed earns his nickname of Secret Agent Kissy Face with the stories and strategies he shares in this episode.

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This is it, the one we've been waiting for! Warren Simons, the Executive Editor at Valiant Comics, joins us for a conversation about launching, building, and creating the Valiant Universe. This episode is all about the story *behind* our favorite stories. Warren shares the story of the hard work, keen thought, and dedication that has been put in to every Valiant comic.

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The OTV crew discuss Shadowman #1, Archer & Armstrong #4, and Bloodshot #5. We go through the usual, things we loved, things we hated, and the stound out moments and mysteries from each of the books.

0:00 Episode Begins

2:55 Shadowman #1 Discussion

35:29 Archer & Armstrong #4 Discussion

53:21 Bloodshot #5 Discussion

1:18:02 Sneak Harbinger #6 Discussion!

1:19:12 Episode Wrap Up

1:21:45 Episode Ends

Get all the past episodes at!

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We've got three segments, reporting straight from various comic conventions.

Up first is a crossover with the Wildstorm Addiction Podcast, Chiclo joins Joe David Soliz for a joint OTV/Wildstorm Addiction segement recorded at Wizard World Texas.

Next up is a recording of the Valiant Comics Panel from Long Beach Comic Con.

Last of all is an interview from Long Beach Comic Con with Dinesh Shamdasani, Josh Dysart, and Atom! Freeman.

00:25 - Show intro

00:58 - Chiclo and Joe report from Wizard World

19:44 - Long Beach Comic Con Intro

20:37 - Valiant Panel at Long Beach Comic Con

1:07:34 - Interview with Dinesh, Josh, and Atom! at Long Beach Comic Con

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We discuss X-O Manowar #6, Harbinger #5, and variant covers. In X-O Manowar, Alexander is given the spotlight as Aric strikes back against the hand that Ninjak used to smack him down last issue. Pete cuts loose on the Harada and the Harbinger Foundation, and the Omega Rises. Last of all, Uncle Elveen shares some knowledge about variant covers, collectibility, and print runs as we discuss the collecting the variant covers to Valiant comics.

01:00 - A Message From Jonesy

03:05 - Overall Thoughts on X-O and Harbinger

11:46 - X-O Manowar 6 Discussion

34:40 - Harbinger 5 Discussion

58:28 - There Can Be Only One!

59:29 - Variant Discussion

1:00:09 - Wait! Long Beach Comic Con

1:01:24 - Back To The Variant Discussion

1:32:22 - Wrap Up

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Bloodshot #4! Archer & Armstrong #3! Another great batch of Valiant books to discuss. Also, news from New York ComicCon, and Shadowman movie announcements! Whoa, and what's this? Timecodes!

0:40 Opening Shenanigans

8:14 Introductions

8:59 Bloodshot Discussion

25:55 Bloodshot Rating

27:05 Archer 'n Armstrong Discussion

28:05 Psyche! A 'n A Discussion For Real This Time

36:20 Jonesy Bails!

44:00 A 'n A Rating

44:39 APE and Wizard World Austen

46:47 NYCC News and Discussion

55:43 Shadowman Movie News

1:01:43 Wrap Up

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Harbinger #4 lovefest and super review! Bloodchef! Alexander Darque! Voicemails! Emails! Feedback, questions, Mothergods and more in this jam packed episode.

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X-O Manowar #5 blew our collective socks off. We give this book the OTV commentary track treatment. Grab your copy of the book, and flip through it as we discuss this book from cover to cover. Paf! Paf! Paf!

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We hope that the title of this episode is not too spoilery. Also in this episode, in our usual OTV fashion, we discuss X-O Manowar #4, Bloodshot #3, and Archer & Armstrong #2. Tune in to the greatest Valiant Comics discussion on the internet, right here!

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As we jones for the Jones, we discuss the powerful drama and storytelling in Harbinger #3, and try to hold on to the runaway freight train of Bloodshot #2. Let's dance! On the Web at Only The Valiant 81: Jonesin' For Jonesy.

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Self-Congratulation, Archer & Armstrong reviews, Shadowman previews, Entertaimos v. Olympos, Zelda shop keepers, calculus, and geek card revocation, in the Power Hour!

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The first of its kind! This is the commentary track for Archer & Armstrong #1. Just as with a DVD commentary, our intention is that you listen to this episode while reading through your copy of the comic. Grab your copy of Archer & Armstrong, and listen to our commentary as we go through the book to discuss the story, and all of the references contained in here. Pure fan commentary power!

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In an action packed episode of OTV, we discuss this month's Valiant books. We've got plenty to get through, and we don't waste any time before getting into it! Make sure you've read these books, because we've got a full-spoiler discussion of Bloodshot #1, Harbinger #2, and X-O Manowar #3. Available on the web at Only The Valiant Episode 78: Three On Three.

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Part 2 of our podcast coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2012. We discuss the CBLDF party, Walking Dead Escape, Valiant Panel, creator signings, and our annual poker game with our amigos. Available on the web at San Diego Comic-Con Part II: Get It Together

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Jonesy, Elveen and Sean are in San Diego for Comic-Con, this episode is a wrap up of the first two days at the convention. This episode was recorded Thursday evening after the convention closed. We discuss the con, and we discuss our experiences, observations, and anecdotes from Preview Night and Thursday at the con, and in addition, a little of what we are looking forward to in the rest of the weekend. On the web at San Diego Comic-Con Part I.

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The OTV crew have a ton to talk about, Valiant is putting out great comics for us to talk about now! In this episode, we discuss X-O Manowar #2 and Harbinger #1, talk about the variant covers Valiant is putting out, and the Ninjak teases. On the web at Review-O-Rama

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Josh Dysart and Ed Greenberg from Collector's Paradise join us for part 2 of our discussion of Harbinger. Harbinger #1 is out now from Valiant Comics, and we get into a great discussion about the issue, and what we can expect to see upcoming in the series. Available on the web at Harbinger Files with Joshua Dysart.

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Ed Greenberg from Collector's Paradise joins us to talk about the Harbinger Release Party and signings he is holding at his stores on the release day of Harbinger #1. Joshua Dysart joins us too, to tell us about hiw writing career, and Harbinger. There's no spoilers in this episode, so listen right away, it's the perfect prelude for Harbinger #1, coming this week. On the web at Harbinger Party and Prelude w/ Josh Dysart & Collector’s Paradise

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We discuss Free Comic Book Day, Speculate about possible plot points, and talk about secondary market for X-O Manowar #1. Also, recent reads, Black Adder, singing, and more. On the web at Valiant Comics Speculation, and Speculation.

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Robert Venditti, writer of X-O Manowar from Valiant Comics, dropped by the show for an in depth discussion of X-O Manowar #1. We talk all about X-O, the first issue, and what we liked, and things to look for. We also talk a little about Rob's creator owned work, The Surrogates, and Homeland Directive. On the web at A conversation with Robert Venditti.

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We've got some C2E2 news coverage, and an interview with Valiant, courtesy of the Legion of Substitute Podcasters. We also discuss everything you need to know about Valiant. If you are new to Valiant, or have been away, we'll catch you up on everything you need to know from the classic run of Valiant comics to prepare for the new Valiant Comics coming out this summer. On the web at Everything You Need To Know About Valiant Comics.

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We throw the best of the best of Valiant Comics characters against each other, in a single elimination, battle royale to the finish. In the competition: Bloodshot, Gilad the Eternal Warrior, Shadowman, X-O Manowar, Sting, Rai, Archer, and Aram (Armstrong). We assign the matchups at random, and see how it plays out. On the web at Valiant Comics Thunderdome.

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In the first episode of Only The Ultraverse, we talk a little about the History of Ultraverse, and what made Ultraverse different from other comic book universes. We also discuss why we have decided to stop Only The Valiant to pursue Ultraverse.

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We are thrilled to present this conversation with the Valiant Entertainment and Joshua Dysart, the writer of Harbinger! In attendence: Joshua Dysart, writer of Harbinger, Hunter Gorinson, Marketing & Communications Manager, Atom! Freeman, Sales Manager, Dinesh Shamdasani, Chief Creative Officer & Founder, and Fred Pierce, Publisher. This was recorded at Wondercon 2012. On the web at Interview with Joshua Dysart and the Valiant Comics Team.

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We each pick a character from the "classic" valiant era that we think is most in need of an update in order to be published today, or just to make them better. In addition, Bloodshot movie news, and a look at the previews of Harbinger Comics coming in June.

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Fixed! In the month or since the last episode, Valiant announced the writer and artist for X-O Manowar. We talk about the news, some recent Valiant promotions, voicemails, recent reads, and more.

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With exciting news about new X-O Manowar comics rolling out, now is the perfect time to revisit the greatest hits that X-O Manowar has had in the past. The discussion spans from the very first appearance of X-O to his very last apearance in the original Valiant Universe, and beyond!

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