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The Renegades do a lot of talking in Harbinger Renegade #4, and Ninjak and Harada do a lot of fighting in Divinity III #3, as things fly out windows left and right.

Every week, Only The Valiant presents VCR, the Valiant Comics Review. It is a look at the brand new comics on shelves right now.

01:30 - Harbinger Renegade #4

16:56 - Divinity III #3

Spoiler alert! We are going to talk about things on the last pages of these books. You have been warned.

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We discuss the latest news and announcements about X-O Manowar, Britannia and Secret Weapons.

Also, we take a deep look at the legacy of the Geomancers, Ninjak, and Bloodshot as they exist in Classic Valiant, as well as how we see them in Modern Valiant.

We finish with a conversation with David Baron to discuss Divinity, Valiant High, and his upcoming creator-owned book, Stained.

We packed a lot of Valiant into this one, so if you want to jump around, here's the time codes:

00:05:15 - X-O Manowar #1
00:15:03 - Britannia
00:27:35 - Secret Weapons
00:34:33 - Legacy of the Geomancers
00:46:38 - Legacy of Ninjak
00:59:27 - Legacy of Bloodshot
01:13:58 - David Baron

Stay Valiant. Only The Valiant.

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Our Generation is Zeroing in on the source of all bad things in Rook, and Kevin Junior goes Savage on his oppressors in this week's new Valiant Comics.

Every week, Only The Valiant presents Valiant Comics Review, an in-depth look at the brand new Valiant Comics, on shelves now!

01:21 - Generation Zero #7

15:08 - Savage #4


Spoiler alert! We're going to talk about the things that happen on the very last page of both of these issues. You've been warned.

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Ninjak gets the seventh blade, and Shadowman takes on New Leningrad in this week's new Valiant Comics! We discuss them both.

Every week, Only The Valiant presents the Valiant Comics Review, which is your dose of conversation about the new Valiant Comics, on your shelves right now.

Spoiler Warning! We are gonna be all about these books. If you haven't read them, be warned.

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It's a week of fearless flyers and wacky wonders as we discuss the new books from Valiant Comics. Faith, Archer, and Armstrong get the spotlight.

Every week, VCR discusses the brand new Valiant Comics, out on shelves now.

01:43 - Faith #8

11:41 - A+A #12

Spoiler warning! We're going to talk all about these books. Read them first if you don't want to find out from us what happens.

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