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We finish up 2014 with two topics for your enjoyment! First up: Bloodshot #25. Is this issue a great cap to a great series, and a celebration of everything we love about Bloodshot? Or is it just confusing? Next up, we revisit our ongoing discussion about the tentpoles of the Valiant Universe, but this time, featuring your comments and feedback about who and what the tentpoles are, and what makes something a tentpole anyway?

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Archer, Armstrong, Quantum, and Woody have finished their hobo adventure, now it is our turn to get in on the action as we discuss The Delinquents mini-series from Valiant Comics. Two of us loved it, one of us hated it. We talk about the moments we liked, the moments we hated, the unique visual storytelling, and lot more. Plus, a conversation about team-ups in general, with what we love, what we don't like, and the team-ups we most want to see from Valiant.

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OTV reviews The Valiant #1, the latest new series from our favorite publisher. Here's a bit of spoilers: We loved this issue. We discuss all there is to discuss in this great comic: The history, how the characters were introduced, what we know about the Immortal Enemy from this issue, and more.

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The OTV crew tackles two Zero Issues, discussing the backstory of the voodoo lady in Punk Mambo Zero, and the history of Unit Y in Unity Zero. Note: Apologies for the lower sound quality in this episode!

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