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Another week! Another batch of new Valiant Books! We get the origin of Shanhara in the X-O Manowar 25th Anniversary Special, and in Unity, we meet Warmonger. This episode features strong opinions.

Valiant Comics Review is the weekly Valiant Comics discussion. We review the new books on stands today, June 10th, 2015. Up this week is Shanhara #0, or, as is printed on the cover, X-O Manowar 25th Anniversary Special. Also, Unity #19 is out this week.

We had some strong opnions about the books this week, and apparently, were not afraid to share them.


2:34 - X-O Manowar Special

20:05 - Unity 19

Our discussion contains spoilers for the book, so if you have not read the books yet, and do not want to be spoiled, hit pause and come back after reading.

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