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It's a week of conclusions and resolutions as we wrap up our Detectioner's investigation, and our warrior's tribulation. Tune in now!

Every Week, Only The Valiant presents the Valiant Comics review, a look at the new Valiant Comics on the shelves right now.

In Britannia #4, Antonius Axia concludes his investigation in Britannia, and the plots of emperors, vestals, demons and shamans all collide. How does this wrap up? And how well does this complete the story we've been reading for four issues?

In Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #14, Gilad completes his quest to take on the Pale Herder and save his son from the nether reaches of wherever that place is. Another wrap up, this time to the entire 14 issue run. How does it fare?

Spoilers! We're going to talk about what happened. Read the books!

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