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We take you back to December, 1993, a month when the Valiant Universe celebrated Christmas. We explore the Valiant holiday season. This is the perfect episode to go along with your favorite comics, staying warm by the fire, and enjoying a cup of cocoa (or something stronger!).  The weather outside is frightful, but this episode is so delightful. This episode has all the Valiant goodness you could hope for.

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We continue our conversation with JayJay Jackson.  More Valiant!  What she is doing now!  Lots of good stuff!  Check out JayJay's design company at
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JayJay Jackson joins us in this episode for a fantastic discussion!  JayJay is most known to fans for her coloring work, but she has done many different jobs in her 15 years of working in the comic book industry.  She was part of the Valiant team in the early days, and shares a number of thoughts, recollections, and feelings about the work she has done over the years.
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In this episode, we let Chiclo take the reigns and guide us through a discussion of dead universes.  We take a step beyond Valiant to discuss Ultraverse, Crossgen, Comic's Greatest World, Milestone, Comico, etc, etc, etc.  If you have ever had an interest in all of the comic universes beyond the big two, sit back and listen in.
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In this episode, we discuss the epic storyline, Unity.  We talk about the story, the history behind it, and compare it to other crossovers.  This story still holds up as one of the greatest comic cross overs ever.
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In this episode we welcome our friend, forum member Jedimarley to discuss Gilad, Ivar, and Aram, or, as they are more commonly known, the Eternal Warrior, Timewalker and Armstrong.  We get off track towards the end of this episode, so you are warned now!
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This episode is all about the Blood Of Heroes! We talk about Bloodshot, Rai, and Rai, and Rai.
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In this episode, Sean, Chiclo and Zeph talk about the news that Dark Horse comics got the licensing rights to the Gold Key Comics properties, including Magnus, Robot Fighter and Doctor Solar.  What does this mean for Valiant?  Listen in. 
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Only The Valiant records at the San Diego comic con! We talk about the con, and Valiant comics at the con, cool artwork, shady dealers, and we stop one of the ladies working at the con from throwing my bag of artwork away. It is all very exciting.
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Sean, Chiclo, Zeph, and special guest Elveen from the ValiantFans board discuss Shadowman.  Also, we will be recording at San Diego Comic-Con, and Playing God is continuing on the Valiantfans board.  Listen for details about our first ever contest.
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