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You love Valiant Comics, and so do we. We bring you the very best commentary, reviews, and discussion about your favorite Valiant Comics, as well as interviews with the greatest creators in the industry. We strive to make reading and collecting comics more fun. Please visit the Podcast website at

Valiant Comics will launch their new series of books on Free Comic Book Day 2012. We discuss the news, and speculate and discuss the news to death. Listen and enjoy!

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Nazi Werewolfs! Right Wing Militias! Psychopath Children! These books may be a bit hit and miss, but Gilad is a great character. We discuss these issues, plus the Wings Special, Fist and Steel mini-series, and Yearbook #2. Join the discussion now!

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The OTV crew is stranded on a deserted island, and have only their favorite comic runs with them. As we figure out how to create podcasting gear out of coconuts and paper clips, and figure out how our poor boat, the Minnow, crashed during what was supposed to be a three hour tour, we discuss which comics we choose as our absolute favorites to have on this desert island, and why.

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Behold the glory.

We read a lot of DC comics in the last month, and we discuss the DC New 52 publishing effort in all it's glory. What did we like? What didn't we like? Hear our thoughts about this exciting line of comics in this episode.

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Shadowman issues 30 through 43 are reviewed in this episode. These are the final issues of this run, and is one of the better runs that Valiant published in the later years. This episode is also super charged with darque enrgy, and musical jams. Don't believe us? Listen now!

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Continuing in our series of discussing the later Valiant books, we read and discuss the last year and a half of Valiant Comics' Bloodshot line. We go through issues 34-51, and the Last STand special, and share our thoughts and opinions on this series in the later years of Valiant Comics.

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In this action packed episode of Only The Valiant, we review the later Harbinger books, issues 26-41. Also, The Harbinger Files, and some of the crossover issues. Also, listener emails, voicemails, and a recent reads segment.

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San Diego Comic-Con happened in a biog way and we discuss the exciting things we did, saw, and found out during the show. We also got to spend some time with the guys from Valiant Entertainment, to discuss their plans for Valiant Comics, and all your favorite characters.

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Your OTV hosts discuss Comic-Con, what we are excited about, what we expect to see and do, the creators we are excited to meet, the panles we want to attend, and the exclusives we want to acquire. The discussion covers this year's Comic-Con, plus all the best things about Cons of the past.

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We've got some comic talk prompted by some recent emails from listeners. What is the Valiant universe without Magnus, Robot Fighter, Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom, and Turok, Dinosaur Hunter?  Whatever happened to CGC?  A smattering of various comic discussions.

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