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Thanksgiving Edition of Only The Valiant!  We talk about why we like comics, and what drew us to them in the first place.  We end up talkign about comic movies, and which are our favorites.
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Horror in comics is our topic in celebration of Comic Podcasting Theme Week on Horror (and Halloween).  We talk about horror comics, horror in the Valiant Universe, which pretty much means a discussion of Master Darque, and we answer comic questions from a listener.
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Valiant Entertainment recently filed suit against Jim Shooter.  This lawsuit, in addition to the complaints against Shooter, the suit reveals a lot about what Valiant has been working on, what they have in the works, and who they have working on it. 
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Our discussion of shared comic book universes continues.  What do we like, what don't we like about shared comic universes?  When did they start?  How does a shared universe work in other media?  Hear our views, and more.
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Comic Book Universes! What is it about a shared universe as the setting for different stories appeals to us so much? Why do we love the Valiant Universe, Marvel Universe, and DC Universe? (plus all the others too!) We discuss the good side, and the bad side of this phenomenon that occurs mostly in super hero comics. In addition to that topic at large, our usual banter and verbal sidesteps.

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We're back after a bit of a break with a discussion of the news from San Diego Comic-Con about Jim Shooter returning to the Gold Key characters, Magnus, Doctor Solar and Turok, at Dark Horse comics. 
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Only The Valiant records from the San Diego Comic-Con convention floor, and are joined by a number of friends.  We talk about the convention, what we liked, and how little representation of Valiant Comics there were at the dealer booths.
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We record an episode after some poker games with some fellow Valiant fans.  It's late, we're tired, enjoy!
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Sean and Sugar Sweet Lovin' are joined by Scott to talk about Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con and Scott's new indy comics publishing label, Resolution Comics.
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After preview night of San Diego Comic-Con 2009, a group of us went out to the Tilted Kilt, a place with tiny skirts and beautiful waitresses.

Sean makes the rounds and talks to folks about preview night, their favorite part of the night, and what they are looking forward to at the con.

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