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This week on VCR we've got something a bit unique for our Valiant Faithful listeners - Softcore Jeff is flying solo as he discusses Ninjak 26 & Generation Zero 9... with himself & himself to keep himself company!


Spoiler alert! Jeff has read these books, and he will discuss them amongst himself assuming that you have too. If you don't want Jeff's inner monologue to spoil your Valiant reading this week, please read before listening!

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The Epic Bros take on the Green Knight as the Valiant Universe collides with Arthurian Legend. We're here to dive deep into the legends and this story.

Not too hip on your Arthurian Epic Poems? Need a refresher? We brought in the OTV expert, Chiclo himself, to tell us what's up with the original story of the Green Knight, and how closely it is translated in this issue.


Spoiler alert! We are going to talk all about this story. That has existed for hundreds of years. So. There you have it.

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It's Faith vs The Faithless in Faith #10! VCR is here for your weekly deep dive into the new Valiant Comics.

Every Week, Only The Valiant presents Valiant Comics Review (VCR), to take a quick look at the new Valiant Comics, on the shelves now.

Spoiler alert! We will talk all about this thing, D&D and all.

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It's an all Hardcover edition of Valiant After Dark!

We sit down with Warren Simons (Editor-In-Chief), Dinesh Shamdasani (CEO and Chief Creative Officer), Fred Pierce (Publisher), Andy Liegle (Sales Manager), Hunter Gorrinson (VP, Marketing & Communications), and Ryan Stayton (Creative Executive), for an hour of talk about all things Valiant.


Earmuff Alert! We had a bit of adult language to go with our adult beverages as we recorded this one, so don't listen with your little ones.

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Black Sheep attack! Cows! Swords! Flashbacks! Big Fights! Chess! It's a big week of Valiant Comics, we talk about them all!

Every Week, Only The Valiant presents Valiant Comics Review (VCR), a deep dive into the brand new Valiant Comics, on the shelf now.

Spoiler alert! We have read these books, and are going to talk about them without holding back.

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It's a big week for Valiant Comics! We discuss two important issues, out today. First is X-O Manowar #1, the beginning of Aric's new epic. Second is Bloodshot Reborn #0, which closes one chapter of Bloodshot's story, and opens another.


01:07 - X-O Manowar #1

14:11 - Bloodshot Reborn #0

Every week, Only The Valiant presents Valiant Comics Review (VCR), a look at the new Valiant Comics on the shelves today.

Spoiler alert! You've been warned, and we'll warn you in the show. We're gonna talk about everything that happens in these books.

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We discuss X-O Manowar #1, Tentpoles of the Valiant Universe, the changing and shifting tides of the Valiant Universe, Bloodshot movie news, and more. Plus, a giveaway of cool one-of-a-kind Bloodshot Island prints.

Our discussion of X-O Manowar is light on spoilers, but we'll note how far ahead to jump so you miss any spoiler discussion.


10:50 - X-O Manowar #1
23:50 - The "X-O Treatment" for other characters
30:42 - Flagship characters
38:57 - Movie News
46:10 - Listener Questions and Topics
58:59 - Ask Chiclo
1:09:13 - Bloodshot Island Print Giveaways
1:12:05 - Valiant Trading Cards on Quidd

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We take a look into the Stalinverse, into the story of Archer and Armstrong, to see how their lives proceed and intertwine, and what goes down in Gulag 396.

Every week, Only The Valiant presents Valiant Comics Review (VCR), a look at the brand new Valiant Comics on the stands today.

Spoiler alert! We're gonna talk all about these books. Read before listening. Especially this one, it is such a treat!

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We go back to High School, along with all our favorite heroes, in Valiant High. We take a deep look at this new digital only book from Valiant Comics.

We start the conversation with non-spoiler thoughts, then we jump into the spoilers after our patented warning.

We liked this book quite a bit, so we talk a while about what stood out about it, and how it rewards the Valiant Faithful with plenty of humor, jokes, and references. There is also quite a bit of meat to discuss, such as who the spooky gardener is, what is Colin King really up to, and does Kris has to do with it.

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Faith gets a done-in-one story, and must face off against her greatest challenge: a new Zipline intern. Can Faith survive this workplace conflict?

Only one book comes out this week from Valiant Comics, so today's episode is a bit shorter. We still have plenty to talk about though as we talk through this little adventure.

Spoiler Alert! We are gonna talk all about this story, and the stuff that happens therein.

You have been... warned.

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