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The Fist and the Steel continue their war, and Faith sees double. More Valiant Comics, more Valiant Discussion in this weeks VCR!

Every week, Only The Valiant presents the Valiant Comics Review, a weekly look at the brand new Valiant Comis on the stands today.


Spoiler Alert! We are going to talk all about these books.

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VCR travels back in time to Ancient Britannia to follow up with our favorite Detectioner, and travels over to the wherever-the-heck-Gilad-is to follow up with our favorite Eternal Warrior.

Every Wednesday, Only The Valiant presents the Valiant Comics Review, a short dose of discussion about this week's new Valiant Comics. Read the books, then tune in to extend the fun.


Spoiler alert! We are going to discuss all aspects of the story, without holding details back. If you haven't read the books, all risk is on you.

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The Bloodshots are Castaways, and our Dynamic Duo continue their adventures in Clown Town. There's a lot to discuss!

Every week, OTV presents VCR, the Valiant Comics Review, which is a quick dose of Valiant discussion waiting for you after you read your new Valiant Comics.

Spoiler Alert! And knowing is half the battle.

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The final moment is here! X-O Manowar reaches final issue 50, and VCR spends a lot of time talking about this big moment. Plus, the other books! No Valiant is left behind.


Every week, VCR discusses the brand new books on the stands on the day the episode comes out. Brought to you by OTV!

Spoiler alert! We've read these books, and we're going to talk about what happens in them.

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Britannia ushers in the Future of Valiant by taking us to the past, as we follow the adventures of Detectioner Antonius Axia and the Vestal Virgins.


This is a very different sort of book from Valiant, that seems to have very little ties to the Valiant Universe, and that presents a lot of possibilities, and a lot to discuss.

We talk about all the ways that we loved this book.

Spoiler Alert! We are going to discuss all plot points.

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We discuss the brand new Valiant books, on comic book store shelves now.

Spoiler alert! We will discuss all aspects of these books. You've been warned.

Each week Only The Valiant presents the Valiant Comics Review, a quick dose of conversation about the new Valiant Comics.

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Two interesting books to review, with divisive opinions to discuss.

Every week, Only The Valiant presents VCR, the Valiant Comics Review. It is our look at the brand new Valiant Comics, on shelves today.

There will be spoilers! Warning.

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Tune in this week to feast on a full plate of Valiant books, as all 3 books we are discussing come out of the sci-fi corners of the Valiant Universe! Confrontation is the unifying theme as Bloodshot is getting closer to solving the mystery of Bloodshot Island, Aric & Trill battle The Torment, & RAI has a final showdown with Father to determine the fate of New Japan.

Spoiler Alert! We have read these books and we discuss them assuming you have too. If you don't want your reading pleasure to be ruined by all of our chatter, read the books before listening!

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It's a controversial week as some of us love the books, some of us hate them! Read these great (or terrible?) books, then tune in for the discussion!


Every week VCR discusses the new Valiant Comics, out today from our favorite publisher!

Spoiler alert! We're going to say what happens in these books.

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Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #10

The showdown of the millenia is here, as the Eternal Warrior and the Dying One face off against each other. How will it go down? And what will we learn along the way? Tune in Now.

Every week OTV presents VCR, an in depth at the brand new Valiant Comics out on shelves today!

Also, there be spoilers.

Spoilers, ho!

A spoiler sighted on the horizon! VCR will sail our ship to these spoilers and claim then as our own. Be warned.

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