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This week we take a little divine tour of the post-Stalinverse Valiant-universe, to see if all is well again... or not. And we also check in with the newest Secret psiots under Livewire's wing. 

Spoiler alert! We have read these books, and we discuss them assuming you have too. If you don't want to be spoiled by our conversation, read the books before listening!

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This week in Harbinger Renegade #6, the story takes a break from the Massacre arc to introduce a character named Alpha, but here on VCR we aren't taking a break from discussing the book in detail. There are some potentially deep connections to mull over!


Spoiler Alert! We have read this book and we discuss it assuming you have too. If you don't want to be spoiled by our conversation, read the book before listening.

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In this episode: The best highlights from the Valiant Fan panel, Josh Dysart on Pete and Harada, and Dinesh Shamdasani on Massacre and Harbinger Wars 2.


01:29 - Valiant Comics Fan Panel Highlights

24:30 - Josh Dysart Interview

44:26 - Comics Pro Presentation

53:17 - Dinesh Shamdasani Interview

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Faith and Neela team up to fix time, and Aric soldiers on as only he can. Join as as we dip through time and journey through Gorin along with our favorite heroes.

01:08 - Faith and the Future Force #1
17:05 - X-O Manowar #5

Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert!

We're going to talk all about these books, and we are going to assume you have read them. We won't hold anything back. Tune in after you read this week's books if you don't want to be spoiled!

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We continue to take on Babel in Rapture, get to the bottom of mysteries in Britannia, and continue our Secret journey in Secret Weapons.

Every week, Only The Valiant presents Valiant Comics Review, a quick look at the new comics out now from our favorite publisher.

Spoiler alert! We're gonna talk all about these.

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The Massacre is here. The much awaited issue of Harbinger Renegade is on stands, and VCR dips our bloody paws into the aftermath to break it down for you.

We loved this book! We hated this book! There is a whole lot to discuss as we unravel our thoughts. We talk about the hype that led up to this book, how the events go down, and what it might mean for the future, and where things might go from here.

We also discuss some of the roadbumps in our reading experience that we encountered, and dig into how that effected our reading experience.

This book is so massive, we spent nearly an hour talking about it, a record-breaking amount of time here on VCR.

Spoiler alert!

No, really. Spoiler alert!


We're going to get into all of the bloody details.

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Bloodshot and his pal Bloodshot get a day off in the Big Apple! What do two murder machines do with their day off? tune in and find out!

Every week, Only The Valiant presents the Valiant Comics Review, a quick look at the new Valiant Comics on the shelves right now.

Spoiler alert! We are going to talk about all of the things that happen in this book.

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This episode is all about the Man of Shadows! The Shadowman Movie has a director! Our top five favorite Shadowman... anything! Rapture discussed! Hop on your Loa and tune in.

With Shadowman teased to return in 2018, we thought this would be a good time to check in on this not-quite tentpole character.

Reginald Hudlin is directing Shadowman! We talk about this latest Valiant movie news, and what we can gleam from this. We also take a look back at the lean years from 2008 to 2011, and how we might be able to learn from the past as we look at this news.

What do we want to see in a Shadowman movie? Do we want a saxophone? Is Jazz still cool?!?

After that, we dig into Shadowman comics, and we structure the conversation by listing our Top Five Favorite Shadowman [fill in the blank]. It can be our favorite story, issue, collectible, announcement, promotion, or whatever, ranging throughout the entire history of Valiant publishing. This gives us a great overview of the best of what this character is about.

Along the way, we discover what we might learn about Shadowman by comparing to other great literary characters like Darth Vader and Angel and Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Also, we dig into the world of Rapture, now that the series is at its half-way point. How do we understand Babel? What about Tama, the Geomancer? And most of all, what might this mean for Jack, the quote-unquote Shadowman?

All this, plus Recent Reads and Ask Chiclo!

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Special Edition! VCR dives into Rex-O's dialog in Secret Weapons, and spills the beans on the translation of every word Rex-O speaks! Plus, what might this mean for the story, and what about the error?!?

Spoilers. Very obviously.

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Secret Weapons is revealed to us and throws us into a whole new side of the Valiant Universe. X-O continues to fight, and thrive, in his role in the Azure Army.

Every week, Only The Valiant presents the Valiant Comics Review, which is a quick dose of conversation about the new books, out right now.

First up, we discuss Secret Weapons #1, followed by X-O Manowar #4. 

Spoiler Alert! We are going to talk about what happens on the last page of both of these issues. And the first page. And all pages in between. If you don't want our smooth, soulfull voices telling you about it before you've read it, you know what to do.

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